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Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)

  • Preparing you to be the next entrepreneur


3 Years

(2 semesters/year)


7-8 hours/week

Recommended scheduled hours


Live + Recorded

Recorded content & live sessions

Course Fees

  • Indian Nationals- INR 9000 / Semester
  • Foreign Nationals- $402 / Semester

Limited seats available

Programme Features

Learn from anywhere in the comfort of your own space with the flexibility of timings according to the schedule you decide. Continue your job, business, and extracurricular activities with the assurance of a bachelor's degree which is equally validated as any regular mode degree.

Our B.B.A. program's curriculum is designed to provide students with an excellent foundation in business concepts and methods, including marketing, finance, operations management, and human resources. With a focus on practical applications, our program offers students the ability to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills that are essential in today's competitive business world.

Our faculty are from the top organizations, skilled and experienced in business administration. We have faculty for each specialization. With the vast and advanced syllabus, we ensure that our students get all the knowledge they need in the particular subject they are studying from an expert in the field.

Upon enrollment in any of our undergraduate or postgraduate courses, students gain access to over 250 Coursera courses. They can acquire numerous skills and obtain recognized certificates on Coursera while completing their courses.

We provide various scholarship programs to students coming from different sections like Agniveer/Defense personnel, BPL, and EWS Category along with War widows. We also provide discounts to the students based on Merit.

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3 Years / 6 Semester

B.B.A. program is a comprehensive 3-year program that covers a range of subjects and equips students with essential knowledge and skills.


Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education from any recognized board.

45% Aggregate in Higher Secondary for Bachelor Programmes

B.B.A. Programme

Fees Structure

Indian Nationals

Course fees ₹ 9000/- Per Semester

Exam fees ₹ 1500/- Per Semester

Full year fees ₹ 22000/- Per Year

Total fees ₹ 64000- (all Inclusive)

Foreign Nationals

Course fees $402/- Per Semester

Total fees $2085/- (all Inclusive)

One time registration fee of Rs 1000 is included in the total fee

B.B.A.(ONLINE) Course Structure

Semester I
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-1101 Principals of Management and Organizational Structure 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-1102 Business Statistics 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-1103 Financial Accounting 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-1104 Principles of Marketing 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-1105 Computer Applications in Business Management 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-1201 Cost and Management Accounting 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-1202 Legal Aspects of Business 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-1203 Business Environment 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-1204 Retail Management 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-1205 Indian Economy 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-2101 Human Resource Management 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-2102 Business Research 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-2103 Commodity and Stock Market 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-2104 Personality Development and Communication Skills 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-2105 Quantitative Techniques 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-2201 Business Policy & Strategy 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-2202 Financial Management 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-2203 Organizational Theory Design and Development 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-2204 Macroeconomics 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-2205 Investment Banking and Financial Services 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-3101 Advertising and Brand Management 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-3102 Tax Planning 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-3103 Working Capital Management 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-3104 Project Management and Appraisal 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-3100 Summer Internship Project 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-3201 Digital Marketing 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-3202 Financial Management 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-3203 Training and Development 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-3204 Insurance & Risk Management 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-3200 Dissertation 4 0 100 100
Total 20 120 380 500

MU-Online advantages

At Mangalayatan University, we understand the significance of actively working on skills such as communication, time management, and conflict resolution. We ensure that our students learn the importance of soft skills and their critical role in the workplace. These skills can help students stand out in today's competitive job market by demonstrating their ability to effectively communicate, manage tasks, and resolve conflicts.

Money plays a crucial role for many students, and at Magalayatan University, we recognize that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial constraints. That is why we offer the best industry-relevant curriculum taught by top-notch faculty at the most affordable cost possible.

Our advanced Learning Management System automates the tracking and delivery of study materials and assignment notes. This system also allows faculty to provide students with instant feedback on their current performance. With all the important information in one place, students can easily access and stay on top of their studies.

Before enrolling, students receive a free counseling session to help them gain a better understanding and vision of the course they plan to take. During this session, they receive a more detailed and in-depth overview of the course.

Our management and faculty are dedicated to helping students prepare for the interview process after completing their course. We offer comprehensive assistance to all students at Mangalayatan University, from resume-building and communication skills to networking. Our goal is to ensure that every student is fully prepared to succeed in their job search.

B.B.A. Programme Highlights

The Mangalayatan University's B.B.A. the program offers a thorough curriculum that covers every facet of business management.









Per Semester



Bachelor Degree

Enhancing Learning Through Modern Education

The focus of the program is on utilising advanced tools and techniques to ensure that
students can easily comprehend and retain the course material.

Online BBA Program Courses

Unlock Your Potential: Gains of Our BBA Program

  • Build Business Acumen: Gain a solid foundation in core business areas like finance, marketing, management, and operations, preparing you for diverse career paths.
  • Develop In-Demand Skills: Sharpen your critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills – highly sought-after qualities in today's job market.
  • Launch Your Career Early: Graduate ready to hit the ground running, entering management trainee programs or securing entry-level positions in various industries.
  • Boost Your Earning Potential: BBA graduates often command higher starting salaries compared to other bachelor's degrees, setting you on a path to financial success.
  • Network & Gain Exposure: Connect with industry professionals through guest lectures, internships, and career fairs, building your network and gaining valuable real-world experience.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Foster your entrepreneurial spirit through courses on innovation, business creation, and venture capital, equipping you to launch your venture.
  • Lifelong Learning: Cultivate a passion for lifelong learning with a strong foundation in business principles, adaptable to a rapidly changing business landscape.

Job Opportunities after B.B.A. Programme

  • Business Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Executive 
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Operations Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Development Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Management Consultant
Online BBA Degree

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