Master of Arts, MA in Public Administration- UGC Entitled


2 Years

(2 semesters/year)


7-8 hours/week

Recommended scheduled hours


Live + Recorded

Recorded content & live sessions

Course Fees

  • Indian Nationals- INR 8000 / Semester
  • Foreign Nationals- $290 / Semester

Limited seats available

Program Overview:

Welcome to our Master of Public Administration (MPA) program, thoughtfully designed to equip future leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of public administration. Our online MPA program is a convenient and flexible option for individuals seeking to enhance their careers in the public sector while maintaining their work-life balance.


2 Years / 4 Semester

M.A. program is a comprehensive 2-year program that covers a range of subjects and equips students with essential knowledge and skills.


Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education and hold a graduation degree from any recognized university.

45% Aggregate in Bachelor for Master Programmes

M.A. (Public Administration)

Fees Structure

Indian Nationals

Course fees ₹ 8000/- Per Semester

Exam fees ₹ 1000/- Per Semester

Full year fees ₹ 19000/- Per Year

Total fees ₹ 37000- (all Inclusive)

Foreign Nationals

Course fees $290/- Per Semester

Total fees $1160/- (all Inclusive)

One time registration fee of Rs 1000 is included in the total fee

What the Course Provides:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our MPA program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects relevant to public administration. Students will gain a deep understanding of public policy, public finance, organizational management, and ethical leadership.


The online format allows students to study from anywhere, making it an ideal choice for working professionals. You can balance your coursework with your professional and personal commitments.

Expert Faculty

Learn from experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They are dedicated to providing guidance and mentorship to help you succeed in your academic journey.

Practical Experience

The program emphasizes practical application through case studies, research projects, and internships. You'll have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and apply what you learn to real-world scenarios.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals to build a valuable network. Networking is a crucial aspect of your professional growth, and our program facilitates this.

Career Advancement:

An MPA degree opens up various career opportunities in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. It equips you with the skills to address complex public issues and lead effectively.

Ethical Leadership

We emphasize the importance of ethical leadership, integrity, and accountability, preparing you to make a positive impact on society.


Tailor your degree with optional specializations, such as public policy analysis, urban administration, or healthcare management, to align your education with your career goals.









Per Semester



Master Degree Programme

M.A.- Public Administion (ONLINE) Course Structure

Semester I
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MPA-101 Public Administration Theory 4 30 70 100
2 MPA-102 Indian Administration 6 30 70 100
3 MPA-103 Organisation Behaviour 6 30 70 100
4 MPA-104 Financial Administration 4 30 70 100
Total 20 120 280 400
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MPA-201 Comparative Development Public Ad 4 30 70 100
2 MPA-202 Public Personnel Administration 6 30 70 100
3 MPA-203 Theory & Practice of Local Government 6 30 70 100
4 MPA-204 Corporate Governance 4 30 70 100
Total 20 120 280 400
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MPA-301 Research Methods 4 30 70 100
2 MPA-302 Administrative Law 6 30 70 100
3 MPA-303 Techniques of Administrative Improvement 6 30 70 100
4 MPA-304 Social Welfare Administration 4 30 70 100
Total 20 120 280 400
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MPA-401 Public Health & Administration 4 30 70 100
2 MPA-402 Emerging Areas in Public administration 6 30 70 100
3 MPA-403 Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude in Public Administration 6 30 70 100
4 MPA-404 Dissertation 4 30 70 100
Total 20 120 280 400

Enhancing Learning Through Modern Education

The focus of the program is on utilising advanced tools and techniques to ensure that
students can easily comprehend and retain the course material.

Online Ma Public Administration Program Courses

What would be the gains from the program?

  • Students will develop a huge industry stakeholder network
  • Receive detailed comprehensive course materials vetted by academic experts
  • Give exams online
  • Have doubt removal sessions for strong fundamentals
  • Develop skills and advanced knowledge related to the course
  • Complete their education along with job or other engagements
  • Up skill themselves in the particular area of study and hence make themselves more employable
  • Brighten future research and further education scopes
  • Can build careers in new fields of study
  • Get a degree fully recognized and accredited in India and globally
  • Complete their education at an affordable price and at their own pace
  • Learn from anytime and anywhere

Job Opportunities after MA - Public Administration

  • Public Administrator/Manager
  • Nonprofit Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Government Relations Specialist
  • Program Coordinator/Project Manager
  • Public Affairs/Communications Specialist
  • Editor
  • Curator
  • Clinical Psychologist   
  • Social Worke
  • Anthropologist
  • Lawyer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Musician
  • Teacher
  • Policy Analyst
MA Public Administration Course

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