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2 Years

(2 semesters/year)


7-8 hours/week

Recommended scheduled hours


Live + Recorded

Recorded content & live sessions

Course Fees

  • Indian Nationals- INR 9,000 / Semester
  • Foreign Nationals- $375 / Semester

Limited seats available

About M.Com. Programme

Mangalayatan University's M.Com. programme is a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of key business concepts such as accounting, finance, economics, and management. Our program emphasizes learning, with a focus on real-world experience, enabling students to gain the skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic world of business. Through our experienced faculty and industry experts, students gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of business and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to tackle real-world challenges. The program also places a strong emphasis on developing key soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership, which are critical for success in the business world.

At Mangalayatan University, we are committed to providing our students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. With our Master of Commerce program, students gain a comprehensive understanding of business concepts and develop the skills required to excel in the world of business.


2 Years / 4 Semester

M.Com. program is a comprehensive 2-year program that covers a range of subjects and equips students with essential knowledge and skills.


Commerce Graduate from a recognised University is eligible for admission into M.Com. Programme.

45% Aggregate in Bachelor for Master Programmes

M.Com. Programme

Fees Structure

Indian Nationals

Course fees ₹ 9000/- Per Semester

Exam fees ₹ 1000/- Per Semester

Full year fees ₹ 21000/- Per Year

Total fees ₹ 41000- (all Inclusive)

Foreign Nationals

Course fees $375/- Per Semester

Total fees $1500/- (all Inclusive)

One time registration fee of Rs 1000 is included in the total fee

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Strong Foundation of Knowledge

Online Master of Commerce (M Com) is a post- graduate-level degree program that focuses on developing the knowledge and skills in areas such as accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management, and business analytics. The curriculum gives a strong foundation about the subject pertaining to financial management, business law, organizational behavior, strategic management, international business, taxation, and entrepreneurship.

Holistic Development

The Online Master of Commerce allows the learner to have sound knowledge of the financial subjects and over development of the professionals to sustain in a corporate environment. Understanding budgeting processes , fiscal policies, and financial management practices in the public as well as in the private sector. Development of interpersonal skills and corporate ethics to sustain in a professional environment.

Duration of the Course

M.Com degree course is a 2 year full time study, during the tenure the learner learns many aspects of Financial Accounting and Commerce.

Skilled Professionals

Online Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree can lead to a variety of career opportunities across different industries. It provides opportunities for Accounting professionals to enhance their learning skills, develop leadership abilities, and pursue specialized areas of interest within the subject framework. After obtaining this degree the learner can have advanced knowledge, skills, and credentials, opening up opportunities for career advancement, increased job prospects, and higher salaries in the Finance and Accounting field.

  • Accounting and Finance Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Financial Manager
  • Tax Consultant
  • Investment Banker
  • Risk Analyst
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Bank Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Treasury Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Wealth Management Advisor
Mangalayatan University Online Study Model – Smart Learning
  • To students to access course materials and complete assignments at their own pace and from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Helps working professionals to balance their studies with career and personal commitments.
  • Convenience:
  • No physical campus, allowing students to save time and energy.
  • Easy access to course materials and resources at any point of time to integrate education in daily lives.
  • Global Reach and Diversity:
  • Global reach & diversity enhances the learning experience by exposing students to different perspectives and business practices.
  • Same Accreditation as On-campus Programs:
  • Same accreditation as their on-campus counterparts, ensuring that the education provided meets recognized standards of quality and credibility.
  • Specializations and Concentrations:
  • Various specialization in specific areas of business, such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or healthcare management and many more
Career Opportunities
In-depth Knowledge:

The Online Master Com Degree from Mangalayatan University is an opportunity for students to increase their higher educational qualification and become market relevant in this competitive world. The curriculum followed here is prepares the student more professional and skilled for the media industry.

Practical Skills:

Online Master of Com degree helps the learner to gain knowledge on Public Budgeting and Financial Management, Data Analysis , Financial Accounting and Evaluation. It also equips students with practical skills that can be applied in various professional settings. It's important to note that students can further enhance and refine these skills through higher qualifications as well.

Industry Collaboration:

Industry Collaborations are prominent with respect to Educational institutions that give immense exposure to the new professionals. They can start their career in Financial and Accounting services.

Research and Innovation:

Online study of the course gives ample time to aspirants for research study and deep learning about any concepts.

Job Opportunities:

This Online Degree upholds the position of financial management analyst, business law maker, organizational behavior, strategic management, international business, taxation, and entrepreneurship which are highly rewarding and well-paying jobs.

Personal and Professional Growth:

Personal and professional growth opportunities prepare students for success in their careers and contribute to their overall development.

M.Com. Programme Highlights

Dynamic Masters in Commerce program with experienced faculty, practical learning, and diverse career opportunities
in accounting, marketing, finance, and more!









Per Semester



Masters Degree

M.Com. (ONLINE) Course Structure

Semester I
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MCOM-101 Organization Theory and Behaviour 4 30 70 100
2 MCOM-102 Statistical Analysis 6 30 70 100
3 MCOM-103 Economic Analysis 4 30 70 100
4 MCOM-104 Accounting Theory and Practice 6 30 70 100
Total 20 120 280 400

Enhancing Learning Through Modern Education

The focus of the program is on utilising advanced tools and techniques to ensure that
students can easily comprehend and retain the course material.

Online MCA Program Courses

What would be the gains from the program?

  • Students will develop a huge industry stakeholder network
  • Receive detailed comprehensive course materials vetted by academic experts
  • Give exams online
  • Have doubt removal sessions for strong fundamentals
  • Develop skills and advanced knowledge related to the course
  • Complete their education along with job or other engagements
  • Up skill themselves in the particular area of study and hence make themselves more employable
  • Brighten future research and further education scopes
  • Can build careers in new fields of study
  • Get a degree fully recognized and accredited in India and globally
  • Complete their education at an affordable price and at their own pace
  • Learn from anytime and anywhere

Job Opportunities after M.Com:

  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Audit Manager
  • Tax Consultant
  • Banking
  • IT consultants
  • Teaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Government Jobs
  • Corporate Finance
MCA Program Degree

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