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Mangalayatan University Online

Admission Process related

Yes, it is recognized all over the world. Mangalayatan University has AIU membership, AICTE approval, and UGC entitlement. You can find more about the recognition at Approvals button
Yes, you are welcome to visit our campus. We would be glad to have you, but please come with prior information.
One module would be taken each week in a module-based format of instruction. Your learning management system (LMS) will be used to share the entire schedule
Both ways of learning have specific importance which cannot be replaced by each other. But the result and outcome are the same. The degree holds equal importance to both modes of learning.
Better than regular education, specifically when you want to earn alongside study or you wish to learn at your own pace from your own place. There is no need to commute and is also time saving. UGC equivalence letter attached
Kindly refer to our page with program structure. Every important detail about the courses we offer, including the costs, requirements, duration of the course, subjects, and options, is covered in detail.
Refer: https://www.muonline.ac.in/program.php (Type the respective program name.)
Example: https://www.muonline.ac.in/journalism-Mass-Communication.php. Click Here
No, the examinations are held online in a proctored mode. You can sit at the comfort of your home and write the exam with the help of a laptop and a stable internet connection.
Yes, you can enroll in two courses, one online and the other through the regular mode of study. Click Here:

Placement Related

At Mangalayatan, we assist students in developing the knowledge and skills required to secure a job, in addition to providing the necessary resources and support. .
Yes, we have in-campus placement available, and Online students are eligible to take part in campus placements.
Yes, it is available for integrated MBA (premium).
We give facilities like LMS , SLM, Life time Placement assistance , Live lectures, Recorded lectures, doubt solving sessions, mentorship etc.
There are no significant differences when it comes to opportunities. With access to the internet, students can connect with endless opportunities.
No, we offer both offline and online placement assistance, but ultimately the student has the final say.
Placenment assistance and internship is provided to students from day one. Which means we help each individual groom in various skills like communication skills, interview skills, personality developemnt etc from day 1.
This is going to be our first batch. Yes you can definitely interact with the students who are with us in regular mode.

Fees Structure related

Kindly visit www.muonline.ac.in our website. There, we have covered every detail about the costs and programs. Even so, we can give the information to you over WhatsApp or email if you'd like.
We have an extremely open structure, and there would be no fees of any kind.
To retake the exam, you will need to pay the exam fee and register for the semester again. This is a rare occurrence because the student LMS has all the information about your course progress and we regularly send SMS messages to keep you informed.
A one-time charge of Rs 1000 is all that is required for each course at the time of admission.

Students who meet the following requirements are eligible for special scholarships and discounts:

  1. Scholarship: Students who receive 90% or higher will receive a 20% cost reduction on their entire course fees.
  2. Students with a background in the military or the armed forces are eligible for a 20% fee reduction on their entire course fees.
  3. Differently Abled: Students with an 80% handicap are eligible for a 20% cost reduction on their entire course expenses.
  4. Students who are widows or single parents are eligible for a 20% reduction in their total course fees.
  5. EWS/BPL: Students and parents who meet the EWS criteria are eligible for a 20% tuition reduction on the total course fees
There will be a 500 rupee cost for a reexamination. There isn't a set price for assignments. The course of the semester will require the students to reappear.
You are going to be included as a fresh student. The cancellation of prior enrollment would occur. To enroll, you must pay the current fees.
We will provide you with the information for the university account. After making a payment into our account, you can give us the receipt.

Why Mangalayatan

We have five universities in different states, lifetime placements, experienced faculty, and more than 17 years of expertise in handling and helping students realize their academic aspirations. We provide complete assistance to students.

We have years of experience offering learners with excellent education. Since 2006, we have been managing Mangalayatan University in Aligarh for 17 years. We offer lifetime placement aid to students, as long as they choose to work. We are here to support them fully. Our faculty consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals. We truly think that everyone should have access to inexpensive, high-quality education and that we should help students realize their aspirations.

Yes, we offer one-on-one mentoring to students, and we may arrange this before or after class at their preferred time.

Examination related

We conduct an Inspected online examination method. Students are free to set up their schedules.
Yes, you will have a window during which you can take the exam at your convenience. June and December are the months when exams are held.
If you don't pass, you'll need to pay the exam fees for the individual subject and take the test.
No, you have to hand over the assignments within the present semester only.
Since it's technical, errors could happen. We can confirm your presence and make the necessary corrections using our cameras and other techniques.
Yes, you will be promoted to the next semester and will have to take tests at the very start of the semester and, if needed, toward the end of the semester.
Indeed, it would be given. The same will be uploaded to your LMS by us.

Faculty related

Yes, all faculty members undergo quite thorough selection procedures and have extensive expertise. Every faculty member must pass a written exam, do a demonstration, and then get hired. We comply with UGC policies and standards.
Students can choose from a variety of job alternatives for each program. Every detail is covered under the programs that we provide. Please visit www.muonline.ac.in to learn more about the various career opportunities available.

Validation Of University

We are a state-approved university that offers degrees eligible for the UGC and has an AICTE certificate of no objection. We are an A+ University with NAAC accreditation. Additionally, we belong to AIU.
Yes, given that we are a recognized university
Yes, since our college has been accredited.

Program Offered

We offer both UG AND PG programs. All detail are mentioned on our website www.muonline.ac.in


Depending on the questions and information that each student possesses. We offer a separate question-and-answer time for half an hour following each planned lesson. Students can schedule a time to speak with their instructors to get their questions answered if they have a lot of questions.
Yes you will get the same online.

MBA Plus and Pro

The online MBA pro program is a unique and innovative program that offers students the opportunity to pursue a high-quality MBA degree online, while also gaining valuable work experience through internships from day one. The program is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge required for the dynamic and competitive global business environment.
Our university is AICTE accredited, AIU approved, UGC entitled along with A+ graded by NAAC.
The online MBA pro program offers several benefits for students, such as: -
  • Internships from day one: Students can start working on real-world projects with leading companies from the first day of the program, and earn a stipend while learning. -
  • Free Coursera access: Students can access up to 10000 paid courses on Coursera for free, and learn from the best instructors and experts from around the world. -
  • Global accreditation: Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a globally recognized certification, giving them a competitive advantage in the global job market.
  • Interview preparation workshop: Students can participate in a comprehensive workshop that will help them prepare for the job market, and learn how to ace interviews, write resumes, and network effectively. -
To be eligible for the online MBA pro program, students need to have: -
A bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized institution, with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent CGPA.
To apply for the online MBA pro program, students need to follow these steps: - Fill out the online application form on the university website: https://www.muonline.ac.in and upload the required documents follow the further process as mentioned.
The online MBA PRO program is a two-year program, divided into four semesters. The curriculum of the program consists of the following components: -
  • Core courses: These are mandatory courses that cover the fundamental concepts and principles of management, such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations, strategy, etc.
  • Elective courses: These are the optional courses that allow the students to specialize in their areas of interest, such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, data analytics, international business, etc. The students need to choose six elective courses in the third and fourth semesters of the program.
  • Project: This is the final project that requires the students to apply their learning and skills to a real-world business problem or opportunity, and present their findings and recommendations to a panel of experts.
The internship component of the online MBA pro program is managed by the university's placement cell, which has tie-ups with various reputed companies and organizations across different sectors and industries. The placement cell is responsible for the following tasks: -
  • CMatching the students with suitable internships: The placement cell matches the students with internships that suit their profile, preferences, and goals, based on their academic performance, entrance exam score, work experience, and interview performance. The placement cell also considers the students' feedback and suggestions while matching them with the internships. -
  • Facilitating the internship process: The placement cell facilitates the internship process by providing the students with the necessary information and guidance, such as the internship details, the company profile, the project scope, the expectations, the deliverables, the timeline, the evaluation criteria, etc.

General Questions

Yes, our University is recognized by State Govt., UGC, AICTE and is already a member of AIU and has also got a NAAC A+ accreditation.
Situated 20 km from the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh, Mangalayatan University was founded in 2006 and has graduated over 5000 students. Nearly 15000 students are currently studying in our campus.

The online MBA pro program is delivered through a blended learning model, which combines the following modes of learning:

  • Live online sessions: These are the interactive sessions that are conducted by the faculty members through a video conferencing platform. The students can attend these sessions from anywhere, and interact with the faculty and peers, ask questions, and participate in discussions and activities.
  • Recorded lectures: These are the pre-recorded lectures that are uploaded by the faculty members on the university's learning management system (LMS). The students can access these lectures at any time, watch them at their own pace, and review them as many times as they want.
  • Online assignments and quizzes: These are the online assessments that are designed by the faculty members to evaluate the student's understanding and progress of the courses. The students can submit these assignments and quizzes through the LMS, and get instant feedback and grades.
  • Online forums and chats: These are the online platforms that enable the students to communicate and collaborate with the faculty and peers and share their doubts, ideas, opinions, and experiences. The students can use these forums and chats to discuss the course content, the internship projects, and any other academic or professional issues.
Online education is cost effective. It reduces the time and cost of commuting. No need to spend thousands of rupees on textbooks. One of the major advantages is repeated access to the same lecture again and again which otherwise is not possible in a physical form of education.
Online education is also very much in demand among working professionals. If you are in a job you will not get Institutions open for you after office hours. Online learning is the best option available for working professionals. You can study at your own convenience.
  • Register with Mangalayatan Online Programs
  • Pay Registration fees
  • Upload relevant documents and mark sheets
  • Get provisional admission
  • Pay complete semester fees
  • University will confirm your admission.
  • Roll number allotment.
  • LMS id and password creation.
Yes you can, since it’s an online program and there are no boundaries.

At Mamgalayatan University, we focus equally on students' overall development and not just their academics by providing them with the following services:

  • Resume and cover letter writing: The placement cell helps the graduates with writing effective and professional resumes and cover letters, that highlight their skills, achievements, and value proposition, and tailor them to the specific job roles and organizations that they are applying for.
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews: The placement cell helps the graduates prepare for the job interviews, by providing them with relevant information and tips, such as the company background, the job description, the interview format, the common questions, the expected answers, the dos and don'ts, etc
  • Networking and referrals: The placement cell helps the graduates with networking and referrals, by connecting them with the alumni network, the industry experts, the recruiters, and the potential employers, and facilitating the exchange of information and opportunities.