Online MA in English, 2 year Online MA degree in English

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Master of Arts (M.A) English

  • Affordable, high-quality literary education



Min 2 Years and Max 4 Years

(2 semesters/year)


7-8 hours/week

Recommended scheduled hours


Live + Recorded

Recorded content & live sessions

Course Fees

  • Indian Nationals- INR 8000 / Semester
  • Foreign Nationals- $357 / Semester

Limited seats available

Programme Features

Gain expertise in the language that holds the highest significance in international communication. Embark on an intriguing journey that traces the evolution of the English language from its origins in Anglo-Saxon times to its contemporary form. Discover the intricacies of the most inflectional morphology in the language world, while also exploring the fascinating history behind every Anglo-Saxon word that has evolved as part of the English language.

In today's competitive job market, it has become increasingly important to possess strong English language skills. This is particularly true when it comes to job interviews, as the majority of them are conducted in English. With our comprehensive Online MA in English, you can develop powerful English language skills that will enable you to face any interview with confidence and ease. Our online English program is designed to help you master the language, focusing on the specific language skills needed for job interviews, such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. You will gain the confidence and fluency you need to succeed in any interview setting.

Our online Master of Arts program offers a unique opportunity to delve into the literary masterpieces of some of the greatest writers in history. From the thought-provoking works of Voltaire to the evocative poetry of Milton, Eliot, and Blake, you will gain a deep understanding of their writing styles and the cultural and historical contexts that inspired them. This online MA course in English exposes you to these timeless works and helps you develop critical perspectives and analytical skills that will enable you to interpret and appreciate literature on a deeper level.

We provide various scholarship programs to students coming from different sections like Agniveer/Defense personnel, BPL, and EWS Category along with War widows. We also provide discounts to the students based on Merit.

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2 Years / 4 Semester

M.A. program is a comprehensive 2-year program that covers a range of subjects and equips students with essential knowledge and skills.


Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education and hold a graduation degree from any recognized university.

45% Aggregate in Bachelor for Master Programmes

M.A. (English) Programme

Fees Structure

Indian Nationals

Course fees ₹ 8000/- Per Semester

Exam fees ₹ 1000/- Per Semester

Full year fees ₹ 19000/- Per Year

Total fees ₹ 37000- (all Inclusive)

Foreign Nationals

Course fees $357/- Per Semester

Total fees $1171/- (all Inclusive)

One time registration fee of Rs 1000 is included in the total fee









Per Semester



Master Degree Programme

MU-Online advantages

At Mangalayatan University, we understand the significance of actively working on skills such as communication, time management, and conflict resolution. We ensure that our students learn the importance of soft skills and their critical role in the workplace. These skills can help students stand out in today's competitive job market by demonstrating their ability to effectively communicate, manage tasks, and resolve conflicts.

Money plays a crucial role for many students, and at Magalayatan University, we recognize that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial constraints. That is why we offer the best industry-relevant curriculum taught by top-notch faculty at the most affordable cost possible.

Our advanced Learning Management System automates the tracking and delivery of study materials and assignment notes. This system also allows faculty to provide students with instant feedback on their current performance. With all the important information in one place, students can easily access and stay on top of their studies.

Before enrolling, students receive a free counseling session to help them gain a better understanding and vision of the course they plan to take. During this session, they receive a more detailed and in-depth overview of the course.

Our management and faculty are dedicated to helping students prepare for the interview process after completing their course. We offer comprehensive assistance to all students at Mangalayatan University, from resume-building and communication skills to networking. Our goal is to ensure that every student is fully prepared to succeed in their job search.

M.A. English (ONLINE) Course Structure

Course Credit : 80

Semester I +
Semester II +
Semester III +
Semester IV +

Enhancing Learning Through Modern Education

The focus of the program is on utilising advanced tools and techniques to ensure that
students can easily comprehend and retain the course material.

Online MA Program Courses

Unlock Your Potential with a MA in English: Advantages at Mangalayatan University

  • Sharpened skills:Master communication, writing, and critical thinking.
  • Career boost: Opens doors in academia, writing, media, and beyond.
  • Advanced knowledge: Deepen understanding of literature and diverse perspectives.
  • Transferable skills:Analytical abilities valued across industries.
  • Lifelong learning:Cultivates curiosity and continuous exploration.
  • Personal growth: Expands worldview and fosters cultural awareness.
  • Enhance Research Skills: Learn to gather information, conduct in-depth analysis, and present findings effectively.
  • Find Your Voice: Discover your unique perspective and express yourself confidently.

Job Opportunities after M.A. (English) Programme

  • Writer/Author
  • Journalist
  • Teacher/Educator
  • Social Worker Public Relations Specialist
  • Museum Curator
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Editor
  • Curator
  • Clinical Psychologist   
  • Social Worker
  • Anthropologist
Online MA Degree Program


While an MA in English Online doesn't guarantee specific jobs, it equips you with valuable skills highly sought after in numerous fields. You'll develop critical thinking, communication, research, and analysis expertise, applicable to areas like:

  • Teaching: Become a professor, high school teacher, or language instructor.
  • Writing and Editing: Pursue careers in freelance writing, technical writing, editing, or content creation.
  • Communications: Thrive in public relations, marketing, communication management, or corporate writing.
  • Research and Academia: Dive deeper into specialized research fields like linguistics, literature, or cultural studies.
  • Non-profit and Government: Utilize your communication and analysis skills in advocacy, policy writing, or grant writing.

Absolutely! Many programs welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds. Some may require additional English coursework, but your unique perspective and transferable skills can be valuable assets. Highlight how your experiences and interests align with the program's focus or specific faculty research areas.

While classic literature plays a role, the field stretches far beyond that. Programs often explore diverse areas like:

  • Modern and contemporary literature:From global voices to genre fiction, delve into current narratives and trends.
  • Creative writing: Hone your writing skills in poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction workshops with an Online MA in English.
  • Digital humanities: Analyze texts and cultural phenomena through a digital lens.
  • Postcolonial studies:Explore literature and communication within cultural and power dynamics.
  • Linguistics and rhetoric:Deepen your understanding of language structure and persuasive communication.

This depends on your individual goals and circumstances. Consider:

  • Career aspirations:If your desired career requires advanced degrees, it can be a valuable investment.
  • Financial planning: Explore scholarships, assistantships, and loan options to minimize financial burden.
  • Time commitment: Evaluate if you can handle the demands of full-time or part-time study alongside other responsibilities.

Ultimately, pursuing an MA in English online should be driven by a passion for the subject and a clear vision of how it aligns with your long-term aspirations.

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