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MBA Plus

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About MBA Plus

With our Online MBA Plus programs, you may start an in-depth learning path where flexibility and excellence coexist. Indulge in an exciting curriculum chosen by leading business professionals, enhanced by the priceless addition of assured paid internships that allow you to put your talents to use in the real world and get practical experience.

Take advantage of the chance to obtain international certifications that enhance your reputation globally and provide access to a variety of job options.

One special aspect of our program is that it gives you free access to Coursera, which has over 10,000 courses to expand your expertise.

Our Online MBA Plus programs improve academic integrity, real-world experience, and global recognition, enabling you to establish a rewarding and successful career.

Why Choose Online MBA Plus?

Free Coursera Access

With a subscription to Online MBA Plus, you will also gain access to free Coursera access for up to Ten thousand courses allowing you further to enhance your skills and knowledge in various fields.

Worldwide Accreditation

Students who complete the program will be awarded a certification that is recognized throughout the world, offering them an advantage in the job market.

Contemporary Education

The curriculum aims to enhance learning by providing students with a dynamic and engaging educational experience by incorporating modern teaching methods. The curriculum covers a wide range of e-commerce and digital marketing topics, including supply chain management, online retailing, electronic payment systems, and many more.


The program covers various aspects of business management, such as marketing, finance, operations, strategy, and leadership. Additionally, it delves into topics specific to the pharmaceutical industry, such as drug development, regulatory affairs, healthcare compliance, and supply chain management.


Specializations in digital marketing, e-commerce, insurance, pharmaceutical management, and business analytics are all easily available through the Online MBA Plus program, among many other subjects. Each course offers special benefits, areas of specialization, and more comprehensive knowledge.

Creating a network

As a student of Mangalayatan University, you will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of professionals and students who share similar interests. You can interact with your peers, instructors, mentors, alumni, and industry experts through various channels such as webinars, online forums, events, and more.

Outstanding faculty

Our program features lectures from highly experienced professionals who have worked for top companies and organizations. These experts will share their knowledge and expertise with you, providing you with the latest and most practical concepts, facts, and techniques used in the industry. You'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the field.

Subjects available in MBA Plus


The two-year MBA in Consultancy Management program is designed for working professionals and full-time students. The MBA Consultancy Management program offers an advanced understanding of finance, management, marketing, and business analysis through a mix of core, elective, and specialist studies. Specialized courses usually concentrate on industry-specific knowledge, client involvement, and consulting processes. Students who complete the MBA in Consultancy Management course are prepared for important positions in management consulting with a variety of organizations.


An MBA in Human Resources, or HRM, is a two-year degree program that provides guidance and direction on how to recruit and manage the right people. The MBA in HR program offers skills and training in these areas so that a professional or a group of professionals know and provide the best for employees and employers. An MBA in HR is one of the most in-demand degrees these days as every organization needs skilled professionals to take care of their workforce as it is critical to the company's business and growth.


An MBA degree in Finance opens up various opportunities for students in the financial world. In this course, the students learn to analyze company reports, forecast economic trends, take measures to maximize stock value, choose investment portfolios, and balance risk and profitability. Also, they are taught to apply the principles of financial risk management

Marketing management

Marketing management involves developing and implementing strategic marketing programs, processes, and activities that align with wider business objectives while utilizing customer insights, tracking metrics, and optimizing internal processes to achieve success.

Operations management

Operations management is the administration of business structure, practices, and processes to enhance efficiency and maximize profit. It refers to the management of functions that a business needs to run effectively day-to-day, including.

International Business Management

Important business topics in a worldwide context are the focus of an international business management degree. It teaches the principles of operations, supply chains, marketing, finance, human resources, and more—all within an international framework. The course prepares you for a variety of options in the field of international business and assists you in gaining a wide range of practical abilities.

Digital Marketing

A two-year management program called the MBA in Digital Marketing teaches students how to use digital marketing technologies to sell products and services and grow their consumer base. An MBA specialization in digital marketing is available as a post-graduate program.

Supply Chain Management

The process of controlling the movement of products and services into and out of a company, covering each stage involved in transforming components and raw materials into finished items and delivering them to the final consumer, is known as supply chain management, or SCM. A firm may reduce waste, increase customer value, and obtain an advantage in the market by streamlining its operations with the aid of effective supply chain management.

Information Technology

The two-year MBA Information Technology program sometimes referred to as the MBA in IT, is designed for candidates who wish to specialize in business and information systems and integrate business strategies with contemporary ideas in information security, project management, and telecommunications.

Business Analytics

Statistics, data analysis, data management, machine learning, predictive analytics, optimization, and data visualization are common topics covered in the MBA in Business Analytics curriculum. Students will also complete foundational courses in strategy, marketing, accounting, and finance as part of their MBA program.

Event Management

The area of event management is concerned with organizing, scheduling, and arranging each and every element of an event. Event management includes everything from venue selection and booking to food, logistics, and decorating. While pursuing an MBA in event management, students have a wide range of academic options, including online, part-time, and full-time courses. In order to successfully organize an event that fulfills the client's expectations, students participating in the event management course receive excellent training in analysis, marketing, planning, and strategy development.

Logistics management

The term "logistics management" describes the process of obtaining, storing, and moving goods from one place to another. It involves maintaining track of the resources, stocks, and relevant data in addition to ensuring that the products are delivered to the appropriate client at the appropriate time and location.

Healthcare MGMT

To help you progress in your profession or transition to a position in the healthcare industry, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care integrates business management and healthcare courses.

Business Management

An advanced degree program in business management known as the MBA in Business Management equips students with an understanding of various aspects of managing and leading diverse organizations. A wide range of topics, including finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and strategy, are covered in business management courses.

Business strategy

The training that corporate leaders need to excel in this crucial role is provided by an MBA in strategic management. An MBA program in business strategy teaches students how to make strategic management decisions that raise an organization's performance level. Understanding the elements of business theory that affect a company's success or failure is necessary.

General management

A general management MBA focuses on the essential elements of every skill required to run any kind of organization. Since it is not industry-specific, your professional path's breadth greatly expands. It implies that with this degree, you may operate in any business field.


An MBA in Entrepreneurship provides graduates with the abilities and expertise necessary to establish and oversee their own businesses. Courses in marketing, accounting, finance, and business plan development are commonly included in this kind of MBA program.

Family Business

The goal of family company management programs is to provide managers and business owners with up-to-date information about the industry and management. Owners and entrepreneurs are able to upgrade their businesses and bring them into line with current global trends thanks to their updated expertise.

Rural development and management

An MBA in Rural Management is an option for those who want to bring development to our rural regions in order to raise their standards. This MBA specialty supports working on ideas and programs that can help the nation's rural areas come into greater focus.


2 Years / 4 Semester

M.B.A. program is a comprehensive 2-years program that covers a range of subjects and equips students with essential knowledge and skills.


Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education and hold a graduation degree from any recognized university.

50% Aggregate in Bachelor for Master Programmes

M.B.A. program Plus

Fees Structure

Indian Nationals

Course fees ₹ 23,000/- Per Semester

Exam fees ₹ 1500/- Per Semester

Full year fees ₹ 50,000/- Per Year

Total fees ₹ 99,000/- (all Inclusive)

Foreign Nationals

Course fees $463/- Per Semester

Total fees $2400/- (all Inclusive)

One time registration fee of Rs 1000 is included in the total fee

Programs Highlights

Graduates of an online MBA in Pharmaceutical Management can pursue various roles within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. These roles may include pharmaceutical product manager, healthcare consultant, regulatory affairs manager, marketing manager, and more.

Plus Advantage

Tuition costs for this program is quite affordable any anyone who wish to escalate their career in pharma Sciences can do MBA in pharma business management by evaluating programs.

When researching programs, the aspirants can also search for MBA in Pharma Management to understand the curriculum structure, faculty credentials, program reputation, and any additional resources or support provided to online students. Additionally, consider reaching out to current students or alumni to gain insights into their experiences with the program.The pharmaceutical industry is dynamic and rapidly evolving.

M.B.A. (ONLINE) Course Structure

Semester I
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-6101 Principles and Practices of Management 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-6102 Managerial Economics 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-6103 Accounting for Managers 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-6104 Business Statistics 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-6105 Communication for Management 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-6201 Entrepreneurship & SMEs Management 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-6202 Business Environment 4 30 70 100
3 MGO-6203 Research Methodology 4 30 70 100
4 MGO-6204 Business Laws 4 30 70 100
5 MGO-6206 Human Resource Management 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-7101 Strategic Management 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-7102 Organizational Behavior 4 30 70 100
3 MGO–7301 Pharmaceutical Advertising and Sales Promotion Management 4 30 70 100
4 MGO–7302 Pharmaceutical Marketing Management 4 30 70 100
5 MGO–7303 Ethical Issues in Pharmaceutical Management 4 30 70 100
Total 20 150 350 500
Any one specialization area to be opted in the IIIrd semester
MGO-7111 Marketing Management
MGO-7112 E-Marketing
MGO-7113 Retail Management
MGO-7121 Financial Management
MGO-7122 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
MGO-7123 Management of Financial Institutions & Services
Human Resource Management
MGO-7131 Industrial Relations & Labour Enactments
MGO-7132 Global HRM
MGO-7133 Negotiation & Counseling
S.No Course Code Course Name Credit Continuous Assessment Marks Term End Exam Marks Grand Total
1 MGO-7201 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 4 30 70 100
2 MGO-7202 Global Business Management 4 30 70 100
3 MGO–7241 International Logistics Management 4 30 70 100
4 MGO–7324 Project Risk Management 4 30 70 100
5 MGO–7325 Project Control System 4 30 70 100
6 MGO–7326 Project Management Software 4 0 100 100
Total 24 150 450 600

Enhancing Learning Through Modern Education

The focus of the program is on utilising advanced tools and techniques to ensure that
students can easily comprehend and retain the course material.

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